Our infants follow their own individual daily schedules as they eat and sleep on demand. Each infant is assigned a primary caregiver who takes care of his or her primary needs, such as eating and sleeping, each day.  

Infants engage in plenty of activities such as tummy time, floor play, art, story time, and sensory activities. Infants gather for music, singing, and praise times each day. Weather permitting, infants go outside whenever possible.  



 Our one year old toddlers spend their days getting used to the routines of a group. Teachers work closely with our young toddlers to help them develop social skills as they learn how to get along and interact with their peers.  

 Our older toddlers continue to work on following daily routines. A huge milestone usually occurs in this classroom as well: potty training! Each child is unique, and this holds true for potty training. Our teachers work closely with families to develop a positive potty training plan that suits their child. 

Preschool and Pre-K


Our preschoolers spend their days engaging in fun, hands-on learning experiences.  Based on the interests of our preschoolers, they engage is studies of topics from clothes, to balls, to recycling! Literacy, math, and science activities are provided throughout all studies. 

 In Pre-K, our main focus is preparing children for kindergarten success! We continue to study interesting topics while including all of the academics needed to prepare children for elementary school. While children are certainly challenged academically, a large part of our curriculum includes social and emotional development.